Hotmail Sign in – Login

Hotmail login is one of the world’s first webmail services on the Internet along with RocketMail, it was founded in 1996 by  Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith. In December 1997, Hotmail was sold to Microsoft for $400 million and it joined the MSN group of services.

Hotmail is an free e-mail service provided to Internet users by the giant Microsoft. If you are a new user of this service and don’t exactly know how the Hotmail sign in process works, you can follow the steps below to log in to Hotmail account.

Hotmail Sign in with 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Go to and click “Sign in” button. Your browser automatically redirects to hotmail sign in page.

Step 2: Enter your email address, it should end with “”. Or you may type Your Phone or Skype name. Then click “Next“.

Step 3: Enter your password. To get to your inbox without having to sign in each time, select Keep me signed in. Select “Sign in“.

Done, good luck!

Hotmail Sign Up

Registering a Hotmail account is easy, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open the Hotmail Sign Up Page or visit ““. And then Click on “Create One“.

This will redirect you to the Don’t worry, the signing up procedure is similar to that of or


Step 2. Type your Name first and last name.

Step 3. Type the username that you want to use for your Hotmail account. And choose your preferred mail ending (Either”@hotmail” or “@outlook”) by clicking on the small down arrow  on the right of username box.

Be careful! You need to login your hotmail account with exactly full address mail, for example: or

Step 4. Type your password. Do not use dictionary words. And enter it again under ‘Re-enter password‘.

  • Don’t use dictionary words.
  • Use Mix alphabets, numbers and special characters

Step 5. Select your country, enter your date of birth and gender.

Step 6. Select your country code and enter your mobile number and alternative email(if you have any) in respective box.

This information you enter for Hotmail sign up is to increase the security of your account. It’s also helpful when you forget your password or username, or have any problems to access your account.

Step 7. Enter the Captcha code and Click on “Create Account” and Your Hotmail account sign up process is completed.

How To Change a Hotmail Account Password

How to Change a Hotmail Account Password? You can change your password from your account settings or you can have your password reset if you can’t remember it. Just follow the few steps below. It is could be done without efforts.

Step 1. Login to Hotmail (Outlook) Account. Click on your profile image in the upper-right corner of the inbox.  Select “View Account“.

Step 2. Click the “Change Password” menu.

Note: You may be asked to verify your account if you are using a browser you don’t normally use. Microsoft will send a code to your backup email address.

Step 3. Enter code and click ” Submit“.

Enter your old password and new password that you want to replace. You will need to enter the new password twice in order to confirm it, and then Click “Next”.

Congratulations! Your Password has been changed successfully!

Reset Hotmail Password

While trying to log in, we may forget our Hotmail account password and need to reset the password.

If you are certain about your Hotmail account password but unable to sign in your Hotmail, check your caps lock button. If it is on, all your password would be typed in capital. Thus, you must be careful about cases of the letters whenever entering your Hotmail password.

If you still are not able Hotmail login, it is undoubted that you have forgotten your password. And are you wondering how to change the Hotmail password, come to Hotmail password reset. Password should also be reset when you think your Hotmail account is hacked or unwontedly accessed by someone else.

Fortunately Hotmail password recovery is a pretty easy task. Hotmail password reset can be done within few minutes with a number of simple steps. (Outlook and Live Mail account password reset can be done in the same way)

Step 1. Go to home page.

Step 2. Click on “Forgot my password” just below sign in button.

Step 3. You get a Hotmail page asking “Why can’t you sign in?” click on “I forgot my password“.

Step 4. You will be on the page displaying “Recover your account”. Enter your Hotmail account in upper box and given captcha code in lower box. If captcha is too hard to recognize, you can try audio as well.

Step 5. Enter your Hotmail email and correct captcha, and then you will arrive in different options to recover your Hotmail account.

Step 6. These recovery options are depended on which recovery method you have selected in your Hotmail email ID. If you have selected email ID to recover your Hotmail ID, you will receive a recovery code in that email. If you have mobile number as an option, you will get text message or call with a recovery code to change the password. You must enter your email address or last 4 digit of your mobile number to confirm that you are the actual owner of that Hotmail email ID.


Step 7. When you get code, select the option “I have code” and you will  be prompted to another page where you have to enter your code.

Step 8. After entering the code, you will be able to reset a new password for your Hotmail email. Be careful while changing Hotmail password.

Step 9. If you do not have access to your recovery email or phone number, or you have not set your recovery option, click on “I do not have access to any of this”

Step 10. Provide your alternate email address when you are asked “Where should we contact you?”

Step 11. Now you will have to add all of the account information required to verify your identity.

Step 12. After verifying your identity, you can new password for your Hotmail email ID.

Be careful while creating password for Hotmail ID. It should be somehow easy for you to remember and hard for others to guess. A password will be strong when it is composed of alphabets, numbers and special characters. Do not use dictionary words or name, surname or your family member name or pets name in your Hotmail password. Also you need to remember your recovery option to reset the password whenever needed in the future. Password reset for mail can also be done with above steps.

Thanks for reading our article. 

Change language and time zone in Hotmail

These steps will help walk you through the process of changing your timezone settings in Hotmail /

Step 1. Log in your account here Choose the Gear symbol (settings) and then “Options”.

Step 2. In the folder “General”, choose “Region and time zone“.

Step 3. Choose your language, date and time format, and time zone settings.

Your language chosen will determine date and time formatting.

Step 4. Click “Save”.

Wish you have fun experience with Hotmail!

Delete or Close a Hotmail Account

STEP 1: Go to, sign in with your Outlook email address that you want to close and delete.

STEP 2: Click your profile image in the upper-right corner of the inbox, choose View account.

STEP 3: Click Security & privacy.

STEP 4: Click More security settings.

If you receive a request to verify your identity, you need to enter your phone number or email and click Send code. Then Microsoft security code will be sent to your phone or to your email.

You enter that code to the box Code. Then click Submit.

STEP 5: Pull down and click Close my account.

STEP 6: If there is a request for account login, don’t worry. Because you’re accessing sensitive info, you need to verify your password. Enter password and click “sign in”. Then click Next.

STEP 7: Read the list, and click the checkboxes to acknowledge you’ve read each item. Then select a reason drop-down list, choose the reason that you want to your account. Click on “Mark account for closure” after checking all boxes.

STEP 8: A notification will appear to inform that you could re-open your Hotmail account within next 60 days. Click Done.

What will happen if you close your or Hotmail account?

Your or Hotmail account is your Microsoft account. When you close this account, you will lose all access to all services associated with it.

  • You’ll lose all of your email and contacts.
  • You’ll lose all of the entries made in your calendar.
  • You’ll lose everything you may have placed in OneDrive.
  • You’ll lose access to Office 365, if you have it.
  • You’ll lose access to your XBox Live account, if it uses this Microsoft account’s email address.
  • You’ll lose your ability to log in to Skype with this account.

Be circumspect and cognitive of all these consequences before you decide to close your account.