How do I change my password?


E-mail: is an innovative means of communication, based on the existence of the Internet, and the e-mail service for use, and his idea similar to the idea of ​​the normal mailbox through the presence of the feature of sending and receiving different messages, but each has its advantages and disadvantages, e-mail, And receive messages in less than a minute, the normal mail need several days may extend to a month for the arrival of messages, but in return we can not send large packages through e-mail, unlike the normal mail, which provides. The use of e-mail began in 1993, as a means of exchanging messages, but it began to spread only in the late 1990s with the development of the Internet. A group of companies began to compete to provide e-mail to the public, such as Microsoft Mail (Hotmail), Yahoo Mail (Yahoo), Google Mail (Gmail) are the most popular and used to provide e-mail service.

How to Change the Email Password

Sometimes e-mail users change the password of their e-mail, in case they do not steal it, if someone knows it, or when the e-mail is hacked and spoofed. Mail, followed by steps to change the e-mail, according to e-mail providers:

Change Hotmail Password

  • The email is accessed at
  • After completing the previous step, we click the Account Settings option.
  • The Password option is clicked to go to a password-specific page.
  • The old password, then the new password, the confirmation of the new password, and then click OK, are changed to change the email password.

Change the password to Yahoo Mail

  • E-mail is accessed through the following link:
  • After accessing the e-mail page, click (Account Information).
  • The site asks us to re-enter the password in order to activate the account information page.
  • The Account Information page appears, which includes information about the user, such as: (name, date of birth, secret, safe question), and click on the (password) option.
  • Enter the old password, and then new, and then confirm new, and click on (Save) until the password change process is confirmed.

Change Gmail Password

  • Email is accessed at
  • When the Gmail Mail screen appears, the user’s image is clicked at the far right of the screen, and then clicking the My Account option.
  • After you move from the My Account screen, choose (Settings) and then (Privacy).
  • A screen appears (password, security phone number, and security questions), and the password is clicked.
  • The old password, and then the new one, and then confirm the new, and click on the option (OK), to change your password is sent to your email.