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How To Change a Hotmail Account Password

How to Change a Hotmail Account Password? You can change your password from your account settings or you can have your password reset if you can’t remember it. Just follow the few steps below. It is could be done without efforts.

Step 1. Login to Hotmail (Outlook) Account. Click on your profile image in the upper-right corner of the inbox.  Select “View Account“.

Step 2. Click the “Change Password” menu.

Note: You may be asked to verify your account if you are using a browser you don’t normally use. Microsoft will send a code to your backup email address.

Step 3. Enter code and click ” Submit“.

Enter your old password and new password that you want to replace. You will need to enter the new password twice in order to confirm it, and then Click “Next”.

Congratulations! Your Password has been changed successfully!